Tigers in Bond Street

We were invited to Sotheby’s who were hosting a specially commissioned limited edition of art rugs for sale by celebrated artists on behalf of WWF. The subject was tigers. 6pm rendezvous.

Twilight was gathering as I started out from home under a fine drizzle. On the way to the station I tripped over the edge of the pavement and found myself flat on the floor. Nobody was near at hand. Oh no, what if I couldn’t get up? I was very annoyed and thought that whatever state I was in I was still going to the exhibition – even if I had to call a taxi. There was blood on my hand which I licked off. I got up with a certain amount of anxiety but all seemed well. And I caught the train.

I hadn’t managed to get many pictures of Christmas lights in central London because of rail strikes, so I made my way to Bond Street from Green Park in the hope of something spectacular, especially as it was now very dark.

Angels on Piccadilly – glad I’ve got here!
Woozily taking care crossing the road
Christmas lights – Bond Street
Reflections – jewels in the gutter
Stylish Jaguar outside Sotheby’s

It looks like a jaguar – the new ones just don’t. I’m in awe of those sensationally beautiful lines …

Night owl + teazles

As I was waiting a few shop windows took my eye.

Eye catching

Time to go in. The rug designs are eclectic. We meet somebody who is thinking of buying one. The one by Ai Weiwei was already sold.

Tibetan door painting

This was an ancient painting on a door found in Tibet – not a rug! But magical.

Stuff of nightmares
An unhappy outcome for onesupper for the other
A tiger rug with 3D pzazz

I think this is the rug our companion was tempted to buy!


What a wonderful evening looking at so many original creations. Thank you to WWF and Sotheby’s and all the artists involved. A post Christmas treat.

Christmas reindeer at Waterloo – homeward bound

WWF are not only raising funds from this exhibition but also aiming to give a high profile to help protect tigers all over the world. Tigers are one of the top predators who need to be conserved if their ecosystem is to maintain a balance and survive.

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