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18 February 2012

We drove up to Marylebone to collect a painting and three photographs, framed by Railings. They are to be highly recommended as framers. The day was unsettled and on the way home we were racing against a stormy sky on our left, whereas out to the right, brighter weather beckoned. Driving westward, we were chasing […]

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Window on Paris

John was off to see ‘The Three Musketeers’ in Paris. They run a company called Ecovadis. The meeting was on a Thursday – perfect, I thought, to extend to a weekend exploring the city. But I never find it easy to combine work and leisure, partly because I’m only in charge of the latter and […]

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It’s like being at the eye of the storm. When I am lying looking at her, she dissipates my anxieties and while I know that the storm rages all around me, I am in a safe haven where I can just ‘be’ for a while. I love her calm, graceful pose and elegant dress sense […]

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