Monthly Archives: April 2011

A few Spring flowers …

All the gardens around here abound with bluebells – the rather fat and fleshy ones, known as ‘Spanish’ bluebells rather than the more elegant, woodland type. It would be interesting to know the history behind this, as my neighbours complain about the fact that however many of these bluebells you pull up, they return in […]

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Close up and personal?

I’m not quite sure of the date but it was around this time. I walked into our garden and looked up to see this balloon, which seemed to be just skimming our neighbour’s chimney pot. Luckily, my camera was on the kitchen table and I managed to get this shot. It wasn’t until afterwards that […]

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La Côte d’Opale

I hadn’t spent much time exploring the north coast of France, except for lovely Dinard – (see Dinard film festival entry). Usually, it was ‘à travers La Manche’ and then full speed ahead for the autoroute to the south. But I was about to find out what I had been missing, when my sister and […]

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