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Dear Reader … a sampling of the books I read in 2014 …

I recently read a short paragraph on a YouGov survey mentioned in the newspaper, which said of the 15,000 people questioned, 60% would have liked to make their living as a writer and the second most popular choice (53%) was being a librarian, followed by being an academic.  I wondered how the sample of people […]

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Blue Sky Start to 2015 in Kew Gardens

We had a rendezvous planned with a friend in Kew Gardens on the 2nd January.  Waiting for the North London Overground train to arrive at Kew Gardens station, we explored the triangular enclave of interesting shops.  A bookshop, a guitar and music shop, a butcher, greengrocer and hairdresser.  Inviting looking cafés, restaurants and the inevitable […]

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