Escapees from Chelsea Flower Show

Bowling down Sloane Street on the number 19 bus during the Chelsea Flower Show, we had a show of our own! ¬†Various shops had floral fronts …in celebration of Chelsea in bloom.

Sloane Square – Chelsea in Bloom …21 May 2018

Sloane Street 1

Sloane Street 2

Sloane Street 3

Sloane Street 4

Sloane Street 5

Sloane Street 6

Sloane Street 7

Sloane Street 8

Sloane Street 9

York Square, Kings Road – Chelsea in Bloom

Chelsea Blooms at Sloane Square

Phew! Time to cool off – Sloane Square

And just time too for a cup of tea and perhaps a slice of one of their delicious cakes in Peter Jones before hopping on the tube home.

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