Canary Wharf – a glimpse from a first time visitor

I hadn’t been to Canary Wharf before.  Coming out of the Underground, it seemed as if I’d been transported to a city of the future.  Glass skyscrapers, men like clones in dark city suits and white shirts walking in almost empty, silent and pristine streets. Reminiscent of surrealists Giorgio de Chirico mixed up with Magritte. I felt noticeably out of place – rather untidy, my scarf flapping noisily in the wind… I crossed a small square of tidy, cloned trees – tamed greenery.

Canary Wharf – reflection 1

Canary Wharf – home to technology

Canary Wharf – reflection 2

A cup of coffee awaits at Jamie’s Italian … how did he pop up here?!

The sun was out as I made my way to Jamie’s Italian.  It wasn’t yet open.  I knocked on the glass door and a young man with large ear rings came.  He let me in and brought me a cup of coffee.  A kind gesture among the overwhelming skyscrapers.  Bladerunner 2 is still in the future – I hope we can avoid it!

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