Rhapsody in Blue ?

We’ve had an ongoing water crisis. Huge water and heating bills didn’t make sense –  we finally tracked down the culprit.  An invisible leak from a corroded hot water pipe, lurking in concrete, deep under the maplewood floor.  All the pipes in the kitchen had to be replaced – we had to say farewell to the maple floor.

A floor in flux …

Monster machines sounding like tyrannosaurus rex shook angrily, squatting and panting over the disaster area twenty four hours a day, drying everything out with their fiery and malodorous breath.  They made me think of komodo dragons, who would finish me off with one snap of their jaws.  I complained to a young person and got the answer that if I lived in Hackney with a concrete floor with pipes sticking out of it, I would be very stylish.  I stopped complaining and learned to live with a concrete floor – for months!

It should have been quicker but  the first firm wouldn’t work with the insurers, the second I found, by chance, was going bankrupt, the third came in with a hiked up estimate. I loved the fourth and he slipped a disc on the day before starting.  And the fifth are doing an excellent job at this very moment.

Insurance, plumbers, plasterers, carpenters, floor layers – all flowing like an eternal tide through our front door until, finally, one day, an end was in sight.  A sort of rhapsody in blue, coming slowly to its climax. I took this photo, not knowing how it would turn out.  It personifies the maelstrom I have been trapped in in these past months.   Surreal but I’m still in there somewhere – and surviving!

Feeling the blues …!

The pinky glow of the new beech floor looks so pristine I really don’t want to walk on it!  But the pink in my cheeks shows I’m recovering …


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