Hallowe’en 2016

Bonfire night on the 5th November follows fast on the heels of Hallowe’en at the end of October and there are always a few bangs and some stray, early rockets to chase the witches away on their broomsticks.

A ghost peers in on Hallowe'en

A ghost peers in on Hallowe’en

I usually buy packets of coloured ‘haribo’ sweets, which I keep in a bowl by the door for passing jack o’ lanterns, ghosts and vampires.   And I continue to make a Hallowe’en mask from a pumpkin, even though our children are now grown up and flown  the nest.  Maybe I am at heart superstitious!  This year, John was away and I ended up spending the evening alone with a rather evil- eyed head glaring at me.  Not the best conversationalist!

My evil eyed companion for Hallowe'en

My evil- eyed companion for Hallowe’en

Hallowe'en moon 2016

Hallowe’en moon 2016

A vampire abroad on a wild night

A vampire abroad on a wild night

He did not visit –  so I ate the sweets myself.  So tasty!



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