Alex Catto’s ‘magic’ insoles

Alex Catto is my chiropodist and podiatrist who came up with a new form of insole, which he learned about while attending a conference in Italy.  It was lucky for me that he was my chiropodist.

I had tried orthotic insoles from the hospital but they hadn’t helped the pain in my feet.  I only realised that the pain in my feet connects with the pain in my neck and shoulders and back when Alex Catto suggested I try his insoles.


The insoles fit easily into any shoe, even high heels. You might wonder that they can do anything  they seem so slim and modest but they correct your balance as you walk and you begin to feel liberated and younger immediately.  They may not suit everyone but I have benefited enormously from them.  If this interests you, look at Alex Catto’s website for more detailed information and how to buy a pair for yourself. They are reasonably priced.

Parisian shoes with secret 'inner soles'  -  souls of discretion ...

Parisian shoes with secret ‘inner soles’ – souls of discretion …

The website:

In the book ‘Dandelion Wine’ Ray Bradbury describes a young boy’s feelings when he buys a new pair of sneakers (tennis shoes) for summer.   This is way before Nike et al came on the scene.  And this extract describes the way I felt about Alex Catto’s insoles when I walked out of his consulting rooms and along the street.

‘But, Mr. Sanderson, but – soon as I get those shoes on, you know what happens?’  ‘What?’ ‘Bang!  I deliver your packages, pick up packages, bring you coffee, burn your trash, run to the post office, telegraph office, library!  You’ll see twelve of me in and out, every minute.  Feel those shoes, Mr. Sanderson, feel how fast they’d take me?  All those springs inside?  Feel all the running inside?  Feel how they kind of grab hold and can’t let you alone and don’t like you just standing there?  Feel how quick I’d be doing the things you’d rather not bother with?  You stay in the nice cool store while I’m jumping all around town!  But it’s not me really, it’s the shoes.  They’re going like mad down alleys, cutting corners, and back!  There they go!


New shoes for summer

New shoes for summer

Then there was this pair of ‘fairy footsteps’ which I saw in San Francisco.  Maybe not the best for your feet but I rather regret that I didn’t feel able to buy them.  But the second best thing to do was to capture them in a photograph.

Fairy footsteps!

Fairy footsteps!



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